Our Team

  • Fred Fung

    Fred Fung
    General Manager & CEO

  • Joseph Elwell

    Joseph Elwell
    Assistant General Manager

  • Stephanie Glasco

    Stephanie Glasco
    Membership Director

  • EJ McDonnell

    EJ McDonnell
    Director of Golf

  • Rebecca Salaun

    Rebecca Salaun
    Director of Communications/IT

  • Paula Scheb

    Paula Scheb
    Director of Sports, USPTA Master Professional

  • Tammy Mugavero

    Tammy Mugavero
    Director of Fitness

  • Rebecca Hunter

    Rebecca Hunter
    Director of Finance

  • Peggy Taylor

    Peggy Taylor
    Director of Human Resources

  • Richard Brumm

    Richard Brumm
    Director of Culinary Operations

  • Kellie Campoamor

    Kellie Campoamor
    Director of Spa

  • Burton Adams

    Burton Adams
    Director of Engineering

  • Hal Akins

    Hal Akins
    Director of Golf Course Operations